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Jewelry (Click on the picture to enlarge it) A perfect way to beat high commisson costs from shows and galleries is to order online. You can order pieces from this website and I will mail them to you upon getting the payment in full. There will be a $5 shipping and handling fee for 1 piece or set. No tax for Oregon residents.

 Each piece is unique and can't be duplicated. The cobalt blue, aqua and the violet sea glass are rare and more expensive.

White necklace $75 earings sold

White necklace #2 $75

Cobalt Cresent Shell and Beach Glass $30 Sold

Cobalt Blue $40 Sold

Shell with Green Rock $30 Sold

Aqua Pendant $40 Sold

Last/First Moon a hit on Alberta St. Last one of the set $30

Green Pendant $20

Shell Pendant #1 $30 Sold

Shell Pendant #2 $25 Sold

Light Blue Earings $40 Sold

Sea Foam Green Pendant $20

Green Earings $25

Brown Pendant $30

Assorted Shell Pendants from $20 to $30

White Heart $40

Fox Tooth $50

Shell Earings $20

Shell Earings $30

Barnacle Pendant $25

Copper Bracelets $50

Green Earings - Sold

White and Blue Necklace $50

Copper Bracelets $50

Dried Kelp Ball Pendant (Blue) Sold

Dried Kelp Ball Pendant (Green) Sold

Blue Shelled Pendant and Earrings $35 for the set

Green With Blue Necklace $50

Aqua with Snail Shells Necklace

Shelled Pendant Sold

Green and Blue Pendant $30

Green and Blue Pendant and Earrings $30

Giant Barnacle Pendant and Earrings Sold

White with Silver Necklace Sold