Moon Series

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The Moon Series

"Last First" is a piece I completed March, 2010. I've dedicated this to a woman I respect and love dearly. It was fun combining the copper and the driftwood. I will be making another piece using copper and driftwood soon. This piece is about 2 feet high and 2 feet long. The base, about 8 inches wide, is driftwood that was rubbed with a deer antler to bring out a shine to the wood.

"Last First" 3/2010 Sold

"Last First" 3/2010, #1 in the Moon Series Sold

"Last First" Sold

"Blue Moon" #1, 4 ft high, 2 feet wide 12/2010. Shown in St. Petersburg, Russia 7/2011. Sold

"Full," #2 in the Moon Series

"Blue Moon" #1 Sold

"Half," a wall sculpture, 22" in diameter.Sold

"Half," #4 in the Moon Series

"New," wall sculpture, #5 in the Moon Series, 14" in diameter Sold

Detail of "New," wall sculpture

"Nocturnal Twins," Wall Sculptures Sold

"Full," #6 in the series. Sold

"Full Spin," #9 in the series that was supposed to have 7


"Last First" 4 feet high, 5 feet wide, 2 feet thick at base

"Last First"

Detail of "Last First"

"Full Flight" Shown at Art in the Pearl, Portland, OR 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 2011.Sold

"Full" 14" Sold to Dewayne Spence

"New Moon" 14 inches in diameter, copper

"New Moon" 14 inches in diameter, copper