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My Muse

June 14, 2014

It has been awhile, a long while, since I have posted anything in here. The past 6 months I have been taking care of my very talented artist friend and fiancee. She had Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer and did chemo for the last 6 months twice a week. My focus has been on her. We met more that 3 1/2 years ago. She does amazing clay sculptures and I hope to make a link to her website here when she gets it up and running. Before that time my muse has been taking a break. I haven't done a lot of big shows mostly due to the economy. I spent most of my last summer building my Taj Garage. In 2011 Kendall, my fiancee, and I went to St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Master Class Exhibition. My connection was with my gallery in LA, which I'm no longer with. It was an amazing experience and Kendall and I both have pieces on permanent display there. I'm trying to get 3 pieces back that I left with a gallery there. My blue moon piece is over there and I would really like to have it back. 

About the only thing I've done...


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The Muse

May 26, 2010

I have been working non-stop on my Moon Series for the last 3 months. I completed my seventh piece and found I have extra pieces from it so I am on to my 8th piece. I love the combination of copper and driftwood and the fact that I can make 2 inch pendants and go up to 10 feet for a wall sculpture in this genre. I will finish the 8th piece which will be a set with the 7th and then look at doing a Last First which will be 7 feet in diameter. I have been using a blow torch on the copper and getting great colors out of it. I have sketched some ideas and was working on a Full (moon) where I was going to fill the space in the middle with copper and when I came to that point I couldn't do it. I was told, by my muse, that it was done. I've been waiting to take a picture of it but it's spring time in the NW and has been raining for the last 2 or 3 lifetimes, which makes it easy to work inside.

 I'm very excited about showing my piece, "The...


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Ode to Juan Christian

February 20, 2010

I lost another friend, Juan Christian, to cancer this last October. He was a beautiful man, soft spoken, intellectual, well, well read and a great educator and a superb craftsman. I was blessed with his friendship, which took hold after his retirement from his job at the high school where I work. We visited and spoke of the world situations and basically solved them all. We kayaked on the Columbia and had a great time. The piece I dedicated to him, "Seal in Kelp," is a water piece and fitting.

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Ode to Jeanne Charles

May 29, 2009

My friend, Jeanne Charles, died on May 9th. This is the woman whom I owe credit to for getting me started doing the driftwood sculptures. She was a fantastic art teacher at the high school where I am a counselor.She sent an email out in May of 2003 asking for driftwood because they were going to make horses. I had access to plenty of driftwood and went up to the San Juans and filled my boat full. Then loading up my truck and driving to the school I went and got her and presented my treasures. She wasn't as enthused about it as I was and I asked why. She said, "Well the horses we will be doing will only be about a foot long." I was thinking they were going to be life sized like Butterfield's out at PDX. She then said, "You can take some kids and put one together." So, I did. And it was from this experience that my muse was opened up doing these sculptures. It hit me in a deep place in my soul. It was what I wanted to do. Jeanne is gone and her energy lives on, she touched so many. Her... [More]

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2008 Best in the Northwest Show in Seattle

November 20, 2008

Well, it's been awhile. I just finished a great show in Seattle at the Best in the NW and will be doing a one day show in Beaverton, OR on November 22nd. I don't know if anyone has noticed but it's been a long time since I've turned out a new piece. I spent the summer and into the fall "fixing" up different pieces and dabbling into some jewelry kinda stuff. I also did the one piece "Drifting Forest" which I enjoyed but that was it. So, now is the time to start some pieces floating around and being kicked about by my muse. I'm looking at an abstract and the 3rd piece in the Cobalt Blue series and a bull. Not to mention the Cormorant drying its wings. A horse in the dowel genre. Ya, I should get started.

"The Beginning of the Cobalt Path" was sold to a wonderful man named Dale Chesnut and his wife, whose name escapes me at this time. It will be in the Tacoma, WA area displayed in a grove of trees. They own a bamboo nursery and it is a perfect place to have the energy of "The Beginning..." released. I cried when...


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PosterGarden's First Thursday's Art Show and Gresham Gallery

June 7, 2008

I had a great time, once again, at the PosterGarden where I hang on 1st Thursday's. It is really a great venue with wine, music, gourmet food and great artists like Pam Nichols and her friend Virginia. You can go to Virginia's and Pam's website at:  

It was great to see some of my work buddies there like Barb Kusik, Midge Marcus and Yvonne Defreitus and her husband. I was able to show my new deer, "Seven Point," there.

Thanks to Gaynor's Automotive I was able to get my truck going again with a new engine...ouch... to take my new piece around. I am now officially a starving artist.

 "Seven Point," which I haven't had time to even take a picture of, is now at the Gresham Gallery in the City Council and School Dist. Building (Division and Eastman Parkway off Eastman on the West side of the street). They are having a theme show, "What you would see in a park," and "Seven Point" fits in quite well. There are some great paintings of nature and metal sculpture as well. There will be a reception on June 17th at the gallery which I will attend.


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Alberta Art Hop, May 17, 2008

May 12, 2008

This one should be good and a lot of fun. The show runs from 11am to 6 pm with city buses running over everyone if they aren't off the street by 7. My booth will be on the 17th block, North side of the street, slot #12. I will have a brand spanking new piece there. It will be the deer that wasn't finished for the Ridgefield show. This show will have it all, food, music and a ton of art. Stop by and say hi.

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Ridgefield Art Show May 10 6-9pm and May 11 10-5pm

May 7, 2008

I showed at my art association's show at Ridgefield, WA.  I was hoping to have a new piece done for the show but to no avail. It is another deer done in the fashion of "Atypical." I had a fun couple of days. I would like to thank the out-going president, Kathy Winters, for all her work she has done to make the past shows a success.

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PosterGarden's First Thursday's Art Show

May 1, 2008

Thank you Julie Landau for yet another wonderful 1st Thursday's at the PosterGarden. It was fun watching the kids pick out the best pieces of beach glass, listening to great jazz, meeting great artists, eating great food and talking with great people. I'm already looking forward to next month's show. See you there.

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35th Annual Superintendent's High School Show, WA State

May 1, 2008

I was honored to represent the Haas Foundation and the Battle Ground School District as a judge in the Washington State's High School Art Show on April 30th. What great tallent and I had an absolutely wonderful time being surrounded by all of the art wonderfully displayed at OSPI in OIympia. I would like to thank AnnRene Joseph who is the Program Supervisor of this event. Job well done.

Tags: haas foundation, olympia, ospi, washington states high school art show

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