The Journey

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"The Journey" was created specially for the PONCHO auction in Seattle. It was one of the first pieces sold for the "take home price" in the silent auction. It is the second piece I've done in the "Cobalt Blue" series. It has the signature eyes and the patterns of seven in the tail and mane. It is currently being displayed in the Mountlake area by the University of Washington. Contact me for directions.

I finished it November 25th, 2007, after some 250 hours of work. I never know when a piece will be "done" and/or how long it will take. It was interesting to have the pressure of a timeline on me, I actually enjoyed it.

There was one piece, the black muzzle, that tied the entire head together. Until I walked to the tail end of the horse and saw it I was in a quandary as to how I was going to sculpt the head. The head is turned slightly to the right. "The Journey" is moving down the Cobalt Path with confidence and intention. The tail is swishing slightly to the left. I wanted to use 14 pieces on the tail, to get my signature two sevens in, and had to use 21 pieces to make it full. I put 49 pieces on the mane behind the ears (7x7) and 7 in front of the ears, 3 going left and 4 to the right. I am the 3rd of 4 brothers. I broke the very last piece I was gluing in but quickly found another piece and placed it there. I finished the piece at 10:07pm. When I counted all the tail and mane pieces at the end they equaled 77 pieces total, my two sevens. Aren't muses tricky?

 As always you can go to my blog and leave a message.  And remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it. Enjoy...

"The Journey" SOLD

Detail of "The Journey's" eye