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"The Rock Fish Jora" was created August '07. It is about 21 feet long and was made out of the rocks I did the "Cone" with last summer. Can't wait for next summer.

The Arches are on my beach. The "Arch 2" took me 9 hours to complete. "Arch 1" was at about the fifth hour, there is no "Arch 1" without the support rock, gravity exposed itself and made its presence felt.

The Hazelnuts and Cracked Rocks was just some fun.

"Thunder On The Prairie" was done with the help of some Prairie High School students, Anna Gushtyuk was one of the more committed students. It is my first horse and is life size. It escaped out of the Prairie High School library and found its way to the river, with the help of the art teacher and accomplished artist himself, Kris Chrisopulos. Jeanne Charles, another art teacher and accomplished artist, asked for driftwood because they were going to do driftwood horses. I had Debra Butterfield's horses by the PDX airport in mind so I gathered a boat full of pieces. When I presented the truck load full of large pieces of driftwood I was told that the horses she had in mind were only going to be about a foot in height. She said I could build a life sized horse and I grabbed a few of her top students and we began. By watching this horse create itself I was so moved, the whole process resonated with me and my muse was satisfied, this is what it wanted me to do, this is what I do. Here's to the lack of  communication    ... and they say it's the answer to the problem.

Spires on The River

Spire in the San Juans

"The Angel Sophia" in the Annie Hoesch Collection


"The Rock Fish Jora" Summer 2007

Arch 2 With Rock

Hazelnuts Between Cracked Rocks

Arch 2 Summer '07

Arch 1 with rock

Thunder On The Prairie 6/03 First Piece

Spire and the Great Blue Summer '07

Spire at High Tide Summer '07

Lichened Rock

"Reflow Madness" Distroyed by Vandals Summer '07